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Posts have been pretty sparse around here at the famous Boca de Fuma blog, mainly due to an insane amount of business in other activities, many which will become clear as you read through this post. I know that my loyal readers wouldn't let me slip by without another epic end of year recap of my activities: specifically my activities of performing and attending a wide variety of extreme rock and roll gigs. As of now, a live gig experience is something you still can't download, and I'm going to take this opportunity to says "CHEERS" to all those who braved crowds of drunken idiots, harsh urban environments, transportation problems galore, as well and flying glass, spit, beer, blood and human bodies to make all this stuff happen. Here's hoping that 2013 is just as packed.

To the best of my ability to keep track...

I attended 99 shows as an audience member.
Down from 118 in 2011.

I performed 80 shows with five different bands.
Up from 56 shows with five different bands in 2011.

On eleven nights, I went to two shows in one night, which means a grand total of 168 nights spent at some kind of rock gig last year, or about 46% of all nights spent out.

105 Pioneer: Santa Cruz 
BMC (Bobby Hill's House): Oakland
Five Points Art Space: San Francisco
Fuzzplex: Oakland
Kitty Castle: San Jose
Mama Buzz: Oakland   
Rec Center: Oakland



1.6: Some bands at Five Star Bar: Los Angeles (show was busted before ANS got to play)
1.10: Glitter Wizard: 3 Clubs, Hollywood
1.13: Rank/Xerox: Five Points Art Space
1.14: Brainoil: Gilman
1.18: King Lollipop: 1234GO!
1.20: Fleshies: 1234GO!
1.26: Megaton Leviathan: Eli's
1.27: Walls: Sugar Mountain
1.27: Huff Stuff Magazine: Casa Sandinista
1.28: Glitter Wizard: El Rio
1.30: Graveyard: Slims
2.4: No Statik: 1234GO! 

2.4: Knife Gun: Bobby Hill's House
2.6: Permanent Ruin: The Knockout
2.11 Uli Roth: Metro
2.14: Yob: New Parish
2.14: Courtney And The Crushers: Stork Club
2.18: Absu: Rocket Room
2.21: Grayceon: Knockout
2.24: Punch: 1234GO!
2.24: Alaric: Eli's
2.25: Bell Witch: Elbo Room
2.25: Black Cobra: Bender's
2.27: Lecherous Gaze: Santa Cruz
2.28: The Shrine: Casa Zimbabwe
2.29: Living Eyes: Thrillhouse
3.8: The Shrine: Uptown
3.10: Hot Lunch:Parkside
3.18: Jello Biafra: Parkside
4.13: Atriarch: SubMission
4.14: Merdoso: Knockout
4.15: Sickoids: Sugar Mountain
4.22: Taurus: Elbo Room
4.25: Badr Vogu: Merchants
4.27: Tragedy: Metro
5.4: Lecherous Gaze: Bobby Hill's House
5.12: Wizard Rifle: Eli's
5.17: Black Elk: Parkside
5.18: Black Queen: Eli's
5.19: Cerebrate: Eli's
5.20: Lord Dying: Hemlock
5.23: Bi-Marks: Merchants
5.24: Midnight: Parkside
5.25: Double Negative: Swamp
5.25: The Hookers: Eli's
5.29: The Shrine: Rickshaw Stop
6.5: Sleep: Fox Theater
6.20: Pins Of Light: Hemlock
6.24: Apocryphon: Greenhouse
6.25: Wounded Giant: Center For Creative Abuse
6.28: Dimesland: El Rio
7.2: Big Eyes: 1234GO!
7.4: Winter Teeth: Hemlock
7.5: Dead Congregation: SubMission
7.14: Nux Vomica: Swamp
7.19: Side Effects: Knockout
7.20: Stoneburner: Eli's
7.21: Abrupt: Eli's
7.24: Hollow Earth: Knockout
7.27: Autopsy: Metro
7.30: Deadman: Monday Night Creep Show
8.3: Iron Maiden: Shoreline
8.8: Rape Revenge: Rec Center
8.10: Exhausted Prayer: Eli's
8.11: Agalloch: Great American
8.11: Heavy Action: Eli's
8.16: Residual Echoes: The Night Light
8.17: Samothrace: Metro (Deadfest)
8.21: Samothrace: Sugar Mountain
8.26: Kicking Spit: Early LA Show
8.26: Kicking Spit: Later LA Show
8.27: Kicking Spit: Pomona, Aladin Jr. 2
8.27: Kicking Spit: Fullerton
8.28: Kicking Spit: San Jose, The Kitty Castle
8.30: Kicking Spit: Eli's
8.31: Eyehategod: Metro
9.2: Estranged: 1234GO!
9.5: Occult Detective Club: Goodbellies
9.7: Night Nurse: Swamp
9.10: Crag Dweller: Eli's
9.17: Connoisseur: Monday Night Creep Show
9.24: High On Fire: OMC
9.28: Embers: Merchants
9.29: Inter Arma: Sugar Mountain
9.30: Inter Arma: Knockout
10.9: Infernal Stronghold: Center For Creative Abuse
10.20: Peligro Social: Metro
10.27: Lord Dying: Slim's
10.27: Atriarch: First Church Of The Buzzard
11.3: Iron Witch: Parkside
12.14: Vastum: Eli's
12.14: Unknown Punk Band(s?): RCA Squat
12.15: Abrupt: Swamp
12.15: Heavy Action: ABCO
12.16: C.O.C.: Uptown
12.20: Gag: 1234GO!
12.22: High On Fire: Slim's
12.29: Lozen: Hemlock
12.31: Neurosis: Metro

1.7: ANS: Bakersfield
1.8: ANS: Gilman
1.9: ANS: Pomona
1.11: ANS: Ventura
1.21: Hazzard's Cure: Bender's
2.16: Hazzard's Cure: Evergold Gallery
2.17: Owl: Sugar Mountain
2.18: Un-Informed Choice: Swamp
2.25: Hazzard's Cure: Hemlock
3.7: Hazzard's Cure: Eli's
3.23: Hazzard's Cure: Elbo Room
3.24: Acts Of Sedition: Redding
3.25: Acts Of Sedition: Santa Rosa
3.26: Acts Of Sedition: 1234GO!
3.27: Acts Of Sedition: Pomona
3.28: Acts Of Sedition: San Diego
3.29: Acts Of Sedition: Santa Barbara
3.30: Acts Of Sedition: Thrillhouse
3.31: Hazzard's Cure: Sean & Anette's Wedding
4.2: Owl: Olympia
4.3: Owl: Bellingham
4.4: Owl: Vancouver
4.5: Owl: Victoria
4.6: Owl Seattle
4.7: Owl: Portland
4.14: Owl Bender's
4.15: Acts Of Sediton: Couch Palace
4.20: Hazzard's Cure: Swamp
4.21: Hazzard's Cure: Arcata
4.28: Owl: Merchants
5.5: Owl: Velvet Whistle
5.26: Owl: Parkside
6.9: Hazzard's Cure: Guerrero Gallery
6.14: Hazzard's Cure: Portland
6.15: Hazzard's Cure: Lost Lake
6.16: Hazzard's Cure: Seattle
6.17: Hazzard's Cure: Eugene
7.6: Owl: Chris' Club
7.7: Owl: El Rio
7.13: Hazzard's Cure: Eli's
7.17: Owl Eli's
7.26: Owl: Winter's Tavern
7.29: Owl: Stork Club
7.28: Owl: Bender's
8.4: Hazzard's Cure: Bender's
9.1: Owl: Casa Sandinista
9.8: Owl: Merchants
10.6: Owl: Sugar Mountain
10.19: Owl: Lucky 13
10.28: Un-Informed Choice: Gilman
11.4: Owl: Ouiji Bar
11.6: Owl: Medford
11.7: Owl: Portland
11.8: Owl: Tacoma
11.9: Owl: Seattle
11.10: Owl: Missoula
11.13: Owl: Madison
11.14: Owl: Milwaukee
11.15: Owl: Chicago
11.16: Owl Pittsburgh
11.17: Owl: Baltimore
11.18: Owl: Philadelphia
11.20: Owl: Providence
11.21: Owl: Brooklyn
11.23: Owl: Boston
11.24: Owl: Brooklyn
11.25: Owl: New Brunswick
11.26: Owl: New Brunswick
11.27: Owl: Richmond
11.28: Owl: Greensboro
11.29: Owl: Asheville
11.30: Owl: Murfreesboro
12.1: Owl New Orleans
12.2: Owl: Houston
12.3: Owl: Dallas
12.4: Owl: Austin
12.5: Owl Las Cruces
12.6: Owl: Tempe
12.7: Owl: Los Angeles
12.8: Owl: Hemlock

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