Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Show Review: King Lollipop: 1/18/12

I mainly went to this show because I had still not been to a show at 1-2-3-4-Go! Records yet. And I have no FUCKING excuse, considering that there have been some really cool shows there already (in the new location, across the street from the first two locations), and it's literally ONE FUCKING BLOCK  from my doorstep.

I didn't know what was up with King Lollipop, except that it has a really dumb name, and that my friends Steve-O and Micah are in it. The band was already playing when I got there, and they let me in for free, thank god. King Lollipop is one guy playing guitar and singing in a really annoying voice, and like, four dudes, including my buddies, playing stand up drums. Which I thought was cool. A drum orchestra backing up one guy. Drums, man. I fucking dig drums. But anyway, finally a show at my friendly neighborhood venue. I also got to take a look inside Lisa Mancini's recently installed old-school (film! chemicals! not digital!) photobooth, which was cool. It's awesome to see how old machines work, although my illusion of of little elf inside the machine developing your pictures for you was shattered.

After the show, me and some chicks went down to Geo-Kayes and got drunk and played dice for hours, deeply insulting some indie rockers that tried to hang out with us along the way. Two girls came back to me flat, but I couldn't convince them to stay, so I probably ended up smoking hash and listening to UFO by myself again at 4am.

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