Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Show Review: Graveyard: 1/30/12

This show was originally booked at Cafe du Nord, sold out, and then moved to the larger capacity Slim's, where I believe it STILL sold out. Luckily, by some odd chance, I was on the guest list. Met up with Scott Alcoholocaust outside, and we drank beer and smoked weed in the alley, that favorite boozin' alley, you know which one I'm talking about if you've ever been a poor loser going to a show at Slim's. Unfortunately we walked past the dark and quiet building formerly known as the Eagle Tavern (R.I.P.), and the evening momentarily took on a somber tone. 

After running into and hanging out with some other scoundrels in the alley, we got back inside and Green And Wood was already playing. I'd seen them before on some small stages, but they sounded pretty good at Slim's. Bring' some heavy retro stoner jams up from L.A. Needless to say, they fit perfectly on the bill. Managed to get a free beer from one of the Slim's bartenders, and then I wandered around and ran into lots of girls who were treating me weird for no reason.

I'd never seen Radio Moscow before, but they were also pretty good. Really retro Hendrix-y kind of power trio rock. Rippin' guitar player with a tight backup band. I later found out that the guitar player had a completely new rhythm section, because he had recently been in some kind of bloody (stitches required!) guitar throwing altercation onstage, and both of the old guys had quit. I think this might have been the first show with the new bassist and drummist, but I didn't really notice any sloppiness. At one point, one of the guys came out front with a big tribal drum and it crossed the line over into hippie land, but thankfully they didn't stay there too long.

Graveyard was really awesome. Not as awesome as last time, but last time I also got to bang a chick in the ladies bathroom of Cafe du Nord during the show, so you can't really beat that. Anyway, Graveyard bring the Penta-Sabbath worship with no apologies, at least as good as, maybe better than their Swedish contemporaries in Witchcraft. Fuck yes.

Me and some of the Hightower dudes went down to Bender's after the show and had a few drinks,  and then my bandmate Shane walked in. We were both feeling pretty tipsy, and without a doubt high as fuck, so we headed over to the venerable Taqueria Cancun for tortilla based action. There were some really obnoxious jock type dudes in the restaurant, and I can't really remember how it played out, but me and Shane and couple other people who came with us from Bender's basically got in a brawl with them and had to beat them up and chase them away. All in all, not bad for a Monday night.

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