Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fuck 2011: The Recap

I attended 118 shows in 2011.

In addition, I performed 56 shows with five different bands.

Accounting for the nights when I went to more than one show, that's a total of 158 nights I spent out at a show or playing one, about 43% of all nights. Not bad considering I didn't even do any big tours this year.

Venue Graveyard 2011: These ones didn't live to see 2012
The Hazmat: Love it or hate it, it was an Oakland institution.

Ghost Town Gallery: Although usually full of h****** garage rock trash, that's one less venue on a street corner that at one magical point in 2010 had FOUR rock and roll warehouses doing shows simultaneously. 

Kimo's: Bands hated it because of the stairs, fans hated because, well, I dunno, they'd rather be at the Hemlock? One less rock venue in San Francisco. You didn't love it enough, I hope you're happy fuckers! 

Victory Warehouse: What a cool spot! But those nice Wisconsin kids were sick of all the neighborhood violence creeping into the shows. Another one of the four warehouses that made up the one time 25th and San Pablo rock mecca. 

First Church Of The Buzzard: The stars that burn the fastest burn the brightest, and The Buzzard went pretty quick, but not before hosting some of the most incredible metal shows of 2011. Did that East Bay Express article have anything to do with it's untimely demise? 

Oh yeah... and The Eagle Tavern: A great loss to San Francisco's live music scene as well as gay community. Who really runs this town? Real estate! Fuck off! 

Why fuck 2011? I don't know, i just wanted to use that funny picture of myself flipping you off. 2011 was a year like any other, it had it's ups and downs. So what.

I'm getting ready to really kill it in 2012. Just you wait. Here's to many more shows, tours and hopefully some new venues in the Bay Area! Happy New Year!

Click "Read More" to see the lists of every show I played and performed, like you care...

Shows I attended in 2011:
1.1: High On Fire: New Parish
1.2 Badr Vogu: Hazmat
1.6 Cervix: Hazmat
1.10 Babies: Ghost Town
1.14 Ratface : Swamp
1.16 Neurosis: Great American Music Hall
1.20 Iron Lung: Submission Gallery
1.21 Brutal Truth: 924 Gilman
1.26 Surrender: Hazmat
1.28 Ratface: Kimo's
2.2 Motorhead: Warfield
2.5 Fatso Jetson: Bender's
2.11 Worm Ouroboros: Bottom Of The Hill
2.12 Badr Vogu: Eli's
2.13 Badr Vogu: Swamp
2.21 Battlemaster: Eli's
3.3 White Horse: Submission Gallery
3.5 Oroku: Victory Warehouse
3.6 Wormrot: Hazmat
3.8 Serpentcrown: Knockout
3.11 Weedeater: Thee Parkside
3.13 Hightower: Bottom Of The Hill
3.21 Murderess: Hazmat
3.24 Embers: Submission Gallery
3.25 Vastum: Buzzard
3.25 Murderess: Born/Dead Bar
4.1 Walken: Hemlock
4.8 Lecherous Gaze: Eli's
4.12 Black Breath: Submission Gallery
4.15 Hightower: Eli's
4.16 Deskonocidos: Swamp
4.17 Anal Cunt: Metro
4.23 Drunk Horse: Uptown
4.28 Negative Standards: Hazmat
4.29 Mudhoney: New Parish
5.4 Mammatus: Verdi Club
5.6 Vohlan: Buzzard
5.7 ???: St. Vitus (NYC)
5.7 Big Eyes: Death By Audio (NYC)
5.17 Melvins: GAMH
5.18 Wolvserpent: Eli's
5.18 Inquisition: Elbo Room
5.21 Heavy Action: Bender's
5.23 Autonomy: Linden St. House
5.26 Undergang: Buzzard
5.27 Ironwitch: Eli's
5.27 Milk Music: Swamp
5.27 Knifey Spooney: Casa Sangre
5.28 Slough Feg: Eli's
5.31 Doom: Metro
6.7 Orange Goblin: Bottom Of The Hill
6.11 Lecherous Gaze: Eli's
6.12 Miasmal: Victory Warehouse
6.13 Slowmotions: Eli's
6.17 Max Levine Ensemble: 30th St. House
6.17 Total B.S. : Bender's
6.19 Sleep: Eli's
6.23 Sabertooth: Womansion
6.25 Autopsy: Craneway Pavillion
6.26 Blue Oyster Cult: Alamdea County Fair
6.26 Neon Piss: Eli's 
7.1 Badr Vogu: Hazmat
7.15 Awesome: Swamp
7.22 Mortuous: Womansion
7.22 Transient: Hazmat
7.29 Blind Pig: 924 Gilman
7.29 Prizehog: Hemlock
8.15 Winter: Elbo Room
8.17 Male Nurses: Dead Rat Beach
8.18 Impediments: Eli's
8.19 No Statik: Swamp
8.20 Wake The Machines: Hazmat
8.22 Dalton: Elbo Room
8.23 Flood: Knockout
8.25 Nude Beach: Thrillhouse
8.27  High On Fire: Uptown
8.30 Uzala: Buzzard
9.1 Exhuasted Prayer: Eli's
9.3 Neighborhood Brats: Eli's
9.4 Kowloon Walled City: Eli's
9.4 Reagan Youth: Instant Asshole House
9.15 Knifey Spooney: Sugar Mtn.
9.16 Holy Shit! Thrillhouse
9.16 Rorschach: 924 Gilman
9.21 Body: Velvet Whistle
9.23 Transient: Buzzard
9.27 Prison Library: 58th And San Pablo Storefront
9.29 Weedeater: The Independent
9.30 Reivers: Metro
10.1 Protestant: Sugar Mtn.
10.10 Premonition 13: Elbo Room
10.27 Judas Priest: Concord Pavillion
10.28 Hellship: Speakeasy Brewery
10.28 Alaric: Buzzard
10.29 Lecherous Gaze: Merchants
11.1 Conquest For Death: Knockout
11.3 In Defense: Submission
11.4 Fell Voices: Eli's
11.4 Gehenna: Swamp
11.7 Street Justice: Hemlock
11.8 Dead Dog: Sugar Mtn.
11.10 Malak: Eli's
11.16 Huff Stuff Magazine: Eli's
11.18 Negative Standards: Transient Lounge
11.19 Kyuss Lives: Regency Ballroom
11.20 Brown Sugar: House Of The Dead Rat
11.22 Sydney Ducks: Knockout
11.23 Indian: Hemlock
12.3Mournful Congregation: Metro
12.4 Mournful Congregation: Hemlock
12.9 Saviours: Elbo Room

Shows I performed in 2011:
2.19 Acts Of Sedition: Casa Sandinista
2.25 Hazzard's Cure: El Rio
3.12 Owl: Sugar Mtn.
3.19 Owl: Hazmat
3.26 Acts Of Sedition: Revolution Café
4.11 Acts Of Sedition: Hazmat
5.11 A.N.S.: Philadelphia
5.12 A.N.S.: Boston
5.13 A.N.S.: Brick, NJ
5.14 A.N.S.: New Brunswick, NJ
5.15 A.N.S.: NYC
5.20 Acts Of Sedition: Swamp
5.25 Acts Of Sedition: Submission Gallery
7.5 Owl: Eli's
7.16 Acts Of Sedition: Swamp
7.17 Acts Of Sedition: San Luis Obispo
7.23 Acts Of Sedition: Thrillhouse
7.24 Owl: Hazmat
7.30 Owl: Eli's
7.31: Owl: Reno
8.1 Owl: Arcata
8.3 Owl Portland
8.4 Owl: Seattle
8.6 Owl: Portland
8.7 Owl: Medford
8.12 Hazzard's Cure: Metro
8.14 Orb Of Confusion: Eli's
8.26 Owl: Eli's
9.17 Owl: Jackson
9.18 Hazzard's Cure: Eli's
10.9 Owl: Eli's
10.15 Owl: Born/Dead Bar
10.18 Owl: Hemlock
11.2 Hazzard's Cure: Hemlock
11.11 Owl: Eli's
12.10 Owl: El Rio

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