Monday, February 6, 2012

Show Review: Rank Xerox: 1/13/12

This was the first time that I ever made it out to the Five Points art house, and now I'm glad that I did, because it shut down very soon after. I walked up and there were lots of kids hanging around in the alley, and the air was rife with the smell of beer (pre and post ingestion). I though to myself  "I can't believe that this has been going for so long in this neighborhood. Damn homie."  I like to call my self homie.

I was kind of drunk already, I can't remember why, but luckily there was a bar inside, and I was able to drink more for not that much money. Shoppers, from New York State were setting up, so I lingered around inside and made small talk with the few weirdos there that I could pick out from the crowd. Shoppers live sounded more punk and angry, less noisy and Sonic Youth-y than their demo tape. Not bad though. I bought a tape of their new album.

I hung around long enough to get another beer and catch the beginning of Rank/Xerox, who are a pretty good band, but the awkwardly shaped room was crowded, and I just didn't feel like craning my neck to see the group, or standing in the back listening. I had no compelling reason to stay, so I didn't.

I probably went to back to Oakland and smoked hash and listened to UFO by myself or something. Pretty lame huh? There's a compelling reason to NOT review every single show that I go to.

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