Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Show Review: Brainoil: 1/14/12

I didn't do shit all day, barely left the house, and I had a big problem convincing myself to get out the door and go to Gilman, which is always a sort of social mindfuck for some reason. I had to get drunk by myself first, and this was actually such a chore that by the time I got to Gilman Street Thou was already closing things out with a Nirvana cover. Well I tried. The place was packed, and I didn't feel like lingering within, so I quickly got to Pic 'n' Pac and grabbed another beer to pound.

Then back inside for Brainoil. They rule. I stayed in the front row and 'eadbanged for the whole set, but is that some kind of a surprise? If you don't know how I feel about this band yet, there's a pretty thorough explanation HERE.

After Gilman I rode me bicycle all the way down to the Ruby Room (downtown Oakland!), which was actually quite fun. I haven't done a long Eastbay night hellride like that in a while. Got there by 1am, enough time to get some dranks in and comingle with comely punk coeds, who were swaying to the stylings of DJ Nipple.

Then we took a crew back to the A.T. house to party, on the way set a Christmas tree on fire, and killed a homeless guy too.

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