Thursday, February 9, 2012

Show Review: Fleshies: 1/20/12

Yet ANOTHER post to alienate my metalhead, crusty and hardcore readers! Oh, wait, I don't HAVE any readers! 

Another show conveniently one block from my flat, another night of overpowering paranoia preventing me from walking out the door until I had missed almost the whole show. I got inside just about half way through the Fleshies set, but didn't escape paying the door charge this time. Right as I walked in, John Geek landed at my feet, and I shouldn't have been surprised to find him at least 20 from the stage. He wasn't even close to being naked though. The Fleshies had always been my favourite of the East Bay poppier punk bands that were playing during my early years of living in Oakland, and I hadn't seen them in awhile. It felt good. Like a familiar old uncle's hand down your pants.

After the show, I jumped in a van and went to a party at Rory's house, and got damn well WAY-sted, ate a bunch of mushrooms, and listened to a lot of records on a stereo that has speakers hooked up to the front porch. Isn't that a good idea! Walked home at 4am in the rain tripping on mushrooms and drunk. It was probably fun, but I can barely remember.

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