Saturday, February 11, 2012

Show Review: Walls: 1/27/12

This was one hell of a cleanup show for me, as I saw five bands that I've never seen before. While almost no one in the audience had probably seen Australia's True Radical Miracle before, you might be surprised that I had never seen West Coast allstar powerhouse Walls, or local punk ragers Neo-Cons. But as usual, fate conspired against me, and I was forced to wait until January 27th, 2012 to make right with the world.

When I arrived, which was SERIOUSLY almost on time this time, Dead Clade had just finished, so I have no idea, as of yet, what's up with "Oakland's Newest Assault." Perhaps next time. I took the opportunity to kickstart my drunk with a tall can from the store down the street, anticipating (correctly) that I would spend the rest of the evening tediously extracting single 12oz cans of beer from the in house vending machine for one dollar each.

Hunting Party was a raging good time. Menacing hardcore with Boo Boo on vocals, and some members of Migraine on "instruments." Mostly fast shit with some weird parts that might suggest Bl'ast or maybe even Septic Death. Definitely a good time, and look forward to seeing these guys more in the future.

Permanent Ruin was a new band that I had tried and failed to see several times, much to my dismay, because it involves some of my favorite playas from the recent HC scene. Mariam from Chicago's Condenada on vocals, some dudes from the late, great In Disgust. Honestly, their set went by in a fucking blur, but the good kind of blur that kind of sweeps you off your feet, not the bad kind that makes you wake up hours later, face down next to a public toilet. Cool! I should have bought a demo tape right away, because they sold out before the end of the show.

Quick set changeovers, much conversation and little boredom came between bands. Next was San Francisco's Neo Cons. I'm stoked I finally got to see these folks. Fun, catchy punk/hardcore hybrid style. Flailing, flying, out of control lead singer. Delightfully sloppy musicianship. These kids are great. I can't believe it took me so long to see them play. Fuck yes.

True Radical Miracle: Some weird band from Australia. They were actually really cool. I still haven't heard them recorded, so I can only go on my memory from that night, but I seem to recall that they sounded somewhat like Killing Joke. Rhythmic, hypnotic, ummm... I really need a fucking thesaurus. I run out of words to describe five different bands in a show review. They had an awesome nerd of a girl drummer who had a good style. See? That whole hating Australians thing was actually a joke, in case you were wondering.

...and the Walls came tumbling down. You can't really fuck with any project that has Jensen Ward on drums. No way. You might as well try to stop a semi truck with a fly swatter. Walls is a heavy, rhythmic, brain beating, poudning of the senses, hardcore, more in the sense of it's intensity than it's speed (which is not too fast.) Like a horrendously disturbed Killing Joke meets Swans meets weirdest drugged out Black Flag meets the rawest tribal Neurosis parts. Worth the wait.

I left before the end of the set to chase some girl over to a party on MLK, where Huff Stuff Magazine was playing last. I watched like, one song. It was a pretty good party though, and I got pretty drunk. ("No way!")

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