Saturday, January 14, 2012

Galaga Review: The Rainbow

Rainbow Bar And Grill: 9015 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA

1. Cost: 25 Cents (10/10)
No classic arcade machine anywhere should ever cost over a quarter!

2. Tabletop Machine

2. Controls: Impossible! (1/10)
So right off the bat, I noticed that the firing button on this machine was almost completely non functional, firing off a shot maybe once for every 25 times you the button. Needless to say, the makes the machine impossible to play. The review should basically end here.

3. How Many Starting Ships: 4 (10/10)
Not that it matters, because you can defend yourself against the aliens, and you are sitting duck cannon fodder, nothing more!

4. Setting/Distractions: Busy, very annoying (2/10)
This machine is smack dab in the middle of tone of the world's most famous rock and roll bars, so if even the machine DID work, it would still be hard to play, because you would be looking out for hot rocker babes, celebrities, or possibly even Lemmy to walk by.

5. Permanent High Scores: No
Don't know!


6. Amenities: Abundant (9/10)
OK, so it's in a famous rock and roll bar, right on the Sunset Strip. Basically, anything you want (except a decent Galaga machine) is within spitting distance. Overpriced booze, fake tits, pizza, etc. Nothing to complain about in this category.

7. Wildcard: It's in the fucking Rainbow (8/10)

Overall Score: 6.66 (Seriously!) Even though this machine doesn't work, it made up for it well by it's ultra cool and famous location. This is probably the ONLY time I will let a crap machine slip by with a decent score!

How The Scoring System Works:
1. Cost: 25 Cent Machines get 10/10, 50 Cent Machines get 5/10, etc.
2. Standup Machine: Tabletop or Standup does not affect the score
2. Controls: Score of 1-10 depending on how well the joystick and firing buttons function
3. How Many Ships: If you start with four, that 10/10 points, start with three, that's 5/10 points

4. Setting/Distractions: Score of 1-10 depending on if there are a lot of annoying people/noises at the location
5. Permanent High Scores: If the high score list is preserved in the machine, it gets a 10/10. If not, it gets a 1/10
6. Amenities: Score of 1-10 rating the availabilty of food, beer, other cool stuff close to the machine
7. Wildcard: This is a a category where I can add extra points to a particular machine for whatever reason I want

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