Saturday, December 24, 2011

Show Review: Ruleta Rusa: 12/17/11

Finally dragged by myself out of the relative warmth of my apartment and went down to the warehouse where this Anhedonist gig was happening. This was really weird because I hadn't been to this warehouse in like, ten years, and it was still occupied by most of the same people. It was fixed up a lot, but still recognizable. I spent a lot of time there back in 2002-ish because the singer of my original Oakland band (you're lucky if you don't know who that is) lived there and we therefore rehearsed there.

I showed up as Crucifixion were playing and caught most of their set. The fact that they sound like a cohesive original band to me (and not a Sepultura cover band) probably has more to do with my pedestrian knowledge level of early Sepultura than anything else. I was hanging out, drinking a 40oz (just like in the old days!) and eventually Ritual Necromancy started playing. I stayed for about half the set, then began to get restless and bailed out. I had seen them the night before, and I had already seen Anhedonist, the headliner, three times in the past two weeks.

Rolled into the Swamp a few minutes later with my remaining warm beer, just in time to see Ruleta Rusa, the final band, they were pretty good, even though I could tell they were wasted. I tried to hang for a little bit afterward, and I was gonna go to a party, but a weed brownie that I ate back at the metal show was starting to kick in, and boy was it a motherfucker! I had to go home and spend the rest of the night lying awake in bed, listening to classic metal records because I was almost too stoned to move. My mind ran rampant with thoughts of a Budgie cover band to be called Homocidal Suicidal.

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