Friday, December 30, 2011

Show Review: Opt Out: 12/30/11

Here is a show review that I never finished. I realized that this post has been chillin' as a "draft" for exactly one year now, so I though it was about time to break it out and finish it up. This was about to be the last show review that I wrote before going on hiatus for about a year due to extreme busyness and growing weary of reviewing EVERY FUCKING SHOW that I went to.

I don't really remember too much about this show, as it was a year ago, and I'm sure I was drunk. I remember it being part of an excellent run of punk shows at Submission that were able to overcome, somehow, the shortcomings of that terrible venue. All of these shows in question, which occured in late 2010, were characterized by me getting really drunk at my San Francisco home base on Sycamore Alley, then going to the show, hitting on lots of (potentially) underage girls, and occasionally enjoying some of the fine punk bands.

Death First was one of the many NYC punk bands that were flying out to tour the West coast at that time, and I remember them being pretty cool. I will have to consult the demo tape that I bought.

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