Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flyer For Burial Tide/Begotten

Every once in while (or maybe a lot, how would you know?) I borrow artwork from other sources to make flyers, and don't put my name on them. This is always in the interest of time, cause let me tell ya, you can't rush the genius of vomiting exploding skulls with intense dots and lines!

I like how this flyer turned out, so I'm putting it up. The image is something I extracted from Harrison Cady's early 20th century illustration "The Road To Hell," and I'd been saving it for awhile, waiting for a last minute flyer situation. I found it to be appropriate for this, considering the Retox Lounge is a basement venue. I added my own touch to the design by hand tracing the type (Bembo, Extra Bold) for an old timey effect that suits the aesthetic as a whole.

Here's the original:

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