Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Oh, 2014! Surely the beginning of the end! The beginning of a profound slide into complacency that will lead me to my grave! I feel the gears of a once mighty show attending / gig playing machine grinding to a halt! Oh, why has Lemmy forsaken me?

To the best of my ability to keep track, which may have been not so good last year, thanks to being apathetic and not giving a fuck (during certain phases), I attended 80 lives shows in 2014 as an audience member, the exact same amount as 2013, but still down from 99 in 2012, and the highest on record, 118 in 2011.

I only played 62 shows with four different bands in 2014, which is down from 103 shows with 3 different bands in 2013, and 80 shows with 5 different bands in 2012, but I am still up from 2011, when I played only 56 shows with five different bands.

Accounting for the nights when I attended or performed more than one show in the same day, that makes for a total of 139 nights out, or about 38% of all nights of the year out attending or performing live gigs, which makes for the lowest overall percentage since I started keeping statistics, in 2011:

2014: 38%
2013: 48.5%
2012: 46%
2011: 43%

This evidence can only lead me to the conclusion that I am now actually declining into OLD MAN status, preferring my armchair by the fire, my pipe, and my history books to the mosh pits and broken glass strewn nights or yore. 2014 was also an uncharacteristically weak touring year for me, and if I hadn't ended up filling in on the Wild Eyes European tour, road dates would have been almost non existent. 2014 was also my first year in quite awhile that I began the year with no steady job, and I know I spent many nights home and broke, scanning the internet for real estate upon which I would establish my alpaca farm. Researching last year's calendar to compile the list of shows I attended, I came across a startling amount that I MISSED.


1.3 Raw Nerves: Buzzard
1.4 Lecherous Gaze / Black Cobra: Bottom Of The Hill (Alan Forbes Benefit)
1.25 Toxic Holocaust: Metro
1.31 Necrot: Blue Lagoon
2.9 Pallbearer: Eli's
2.25 Badr Vogu: Knockout
3.8 Vastum: Buzzard
3.16 Sciatica: Cat Haus
3.22 Sleep: Cocoanut Grove (Santa Cruz)
3.23 Badr Vogu: Burnt Ramen
3.26 Carcass: Regency
3.30 Vexx: 1234Go! 
4.18 Ghoul (Brainsqueeze): Metro
4.19 Municipal Waste (Brainsqueeze): Metro
4.21 Ancient Warlocks: Eli's
4.25 Eyehategod: Rock Shop (San Jose)
4.26 Hot Lunch: Bottom Of The Hill
4.28 Zyanose: Knockout
5.2 Frenzy: Buzzard
5.3 Nails: Bottom Of The Hill
5.4 Goblin: Metro
5.7 Prizehog: Lobot
5.9 Kadaver: Bottom Of The Hill
5.17 Shadow Of The Torturer: Eli's
5.18 Iron Lung: 1234Go!
5.20 Extinction Of Mankind: Eli's
5.30 Whitehorse: Parkside
5.31 Elegy: 1234Go!
6.2 Dead Bars: Eli's
6.5 Lecherous Gaze: Legionnaire
6.10 Wounded Giant: Knockout
6.13 Sexless: Nerd Castle
6.21 ACXDC: Rock Shop (San Jose)
6.22 Some Weird Noise Bands: House Show (Oakland)
6.28 Lozen: Heavy Metal Hell Hole (San Jose)
6.29 White Barons: Hemlock
6.30 S.H.I.T.: 1234Go!
7.3 Badr Vogu: Legionnaire
7.9 Gag: 1234Go!
7.10 Hot Lunch: El Rio
7.14 Walken: Elbo Room
7.16 Ghoul: Elbo Room
7.20 Floating Goat: Hemlock
7.23 Motley Crue: Shoreline
7.29 Night Demon: Knockout
7.30 Cyanic: Hemlock
7.31 Spellcaster: Eli's
8.1 Undergang: Eli's
8.2 In School: World Rage Center
8.7 Oathbreaker: Sub Mission
8.10 Badr Vogu: Sutro Bath Caves
8.17 Bell Witch: Knockout (early)
8.17 Mondo Drag: Makeout Room (late)
8.20 High On Fire: Chapel
8.23 Black Cobra: El Rio
8.25 Dropdead: Metro
8.26 Nik Turner: Uptown
8.28 Corrosion Of Conformity: DNA 
8.28 Winter Teeth: Eagle Tavern (later)
9.1 Hieroglyphics: Hiero Day (early)
9.1 MyManMike: 1234Go! (later)
9.4 Infinite Waste: Legionnaire
9.5 Blood Of Kings: Eli's
9.9 Older Sun: Knockout
9.15 Poikkeus: Sub Mission
10.2 Cyanic: Legionnaire
10.4 King Crimson: Warfield
10.18 Wild Eyes: Bender's
10.25 Satan: Elbo Room
10.30 King Diamond: Warfield
11.2 Graves At Sea: Metro
12.7 The Saints: Sinister Noise (Rome)
12.9 Agata: Knockout
12.10 Mammoth Grinder: Metro
12.13 Del The Funkee Homosapien: Metro
12.16 Lecherous Gaze: Knockout
12.17 Crystal Logic: Stork Club
12.19 Fleshies: Eli's
12.20 Bi-Marks: OneFam
12.31 Neurosis: Great American Music Hall

1.18 Ovvl: Metro
1.23 Hazzard's Cure: Brick And Mortar Music Hall
2.13 Hazzard's Cure: Parkside
2.20 Ovvl: Legionnaire
2.22 Hazzard's Cure: Colony (Sacramento)
3.1 Hazzard's Cure: Milk Bar
3.7 Ovvl: Elbo Room
3.20 Hazzard's Cure: Caravan (San Jose)
3.29 Ovvl: Eli's
4.3 Hazzard's Cure: Legionnaire
4.8 Hazzard's Cure: Knockout
4.9 Hazzard's Cure: Eureka, CA
4.10 Hazzard's Cure: Eugene, OR
4.11 Hazzard's Cure: Seattle, WA
4.12 Hazzard's Cure: Tacoma, WA (early)
4.12 Hazzard's Cure: Portland, OR (late)
4.22 Ovvl: DNA Lounge
5.10 Ovvl: Axell's House (early)
5.10 Hazzard's Cure: 924 Gilman Street (later)
5.24 Hazzard's Cure: Eli's
6.3 Hazzard's Cure: Elbo Room
7.11 Hazzard's Cure: Hemlock
7.25 Ovvl: Parkside
7.26 Ovvl: The Hive
8.8 Hazzard's Cure: Couch Palace
8.21 Hazzard's Cure: Night Light
8.30 Hazzard's Cure: Cooper's Ale House (Nevada City)
9.2 Isotope: Knockout
9.6 Hazzard's Cure: Bender's 
9.17 Hazzard's Cure: Sacramento, CA
9.18 Hazzard's Cure: Ashland, OR
9.19 Hazzard's Cure: Portland, OR
9.20 Hazzard's Cure: Seattle, WA
9.26 Isotope: The Hive
9.27 Hazzard's Cure: Thee Parkside
10.31 Hazzard's Crüe: Thee Parkside
11.1 Isotope: Hemlock
11.7 Hazzard's Cure: Golden Bull
11.9 Wild Eyes: Thee Parkside
11.14 Wild Eyes: Milan, ITA
11.15 Wild Eyes: Piacenza, ITA
11.16 Wild Eyes: Erba, ITA
11.17 Wild Eyes: La Chau Du Fond, CHE
11.18 Wild Eyes: Ins, CHE
11.19 Wild Eyes: Winterthur, CHE
11.20 Wild Eyes: Luzern, CHE
11.21 Wild Eyes: Olten, CHE
11.22 Wild Eyes: Augsburg, DEU
11.23 Wild Eyes: Gräz, AUT
11.24 Wild Eyes: Wien, AUT
11.25 Wild Eyes: Erfurt, DEU
11.26 Wild Eyes: Leipzig, DEU
11.27 Wild Eyes: Berlin, DEU
11.28 Wild Eyes: Siegen, DEU
11.29 Wild Eyes: Schoonhoven, NID
11.30 Wild Eyes: Den Hague, NID
12.2 Wild Eyes: Nancy, FRA
12.3 Wild Eyes: Sankt-Gallen, CHE
12.4 Wild Eyes: Frieburg, DEU
12.5 Wild Eyes: Rome, ITA
12.6 Wild Eyes: Pescara, ITA
12.12 Isotope: Golden Bull

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