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SGD1 (unofficially)

I put this tape together in the late summer of 2004. It's not an authorized compilation, I didn't ask any of the bands permission to use songs, so it's more of a glorified local mixtape that I happened to make 100 copies of. I sold it on the the Acts of Sedition Fall 2004 tour, and the idea was to sort of give people an idea what was currently happening in the Bay Area. It's what was happening, according only to my specific tastes and record/demo collection at the time, and of course I couldn't resist throwing in THREE of my current and ex bands into the mix.

Liner Notes
"Welcome to the audio component of Stop Go Destroy. Since the magazine doesn't really talk too much about local bands (especially anymore) this tape will give somewhat of an idea of the sounds that are going on around the words."

1. New Earth Creeps: Bullshit
2. Look Back And Laugh: Fuel The Conquest
3. Hotblack Desiato: Brickyard Pond
4. Case Of Emergency: Never Again
5. Judo Rodriguez: Authentic American
6. Because Silence Is A Dangerous Sound: Armchair Revolution
7. Born/Dead: I Can't Deal With It
8.The Killers Three: Troublermakers
9. Live Ammo: Seen Better Days
10: Brainoil: One Leaf Untouched
11. Fleshies: Led Fuckin' Zeppelin Man
12. Before The Fall: Wisconsin
13. Dystrophy: Where's The Kids?
14: El Buzzard: Lollipop Girl

1. Voetsek: They
2. Secret Order Of Tusk: Bitter
3. Arabella: A Drone In D
4. Opressed Logic: Fuck Columbus
5. High On Fire: Steel Shoe
6. Total Shutdown: Five
7. Totimoshi: The Pigs Are Schemin'
8. Bafabegiya: Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear
9. Yaphet Kotto: Torn Pictures
10. Iron Lung: Cervical Laser
11. Hightower: Force And The Fury
12. The Urchins: It Don't Matter
13. Junior Nightranger: ???


This was basically the first Acts Of Sedition seven inch, minus one song. I sent out about half of these to labels to see if they would put the seven inch out, but it ended up just coming out on Spacement Records, the Reno label that did our original split 12" with Bafabegiya. The song Knives And Cages wasn't originally going to be on the seven inch, and therefore wasn't on the tape, because we were going to put it on Paul Curran's Eastbay Thrashfuck Devastation Tape, which never came to be.

1. Terror State
2. Rent Control
3. This One's For Reno
4. Don't Let Go
5. Sun Or Death

Same as side A

OUT OF PRINT (New fixed up edition coming eventually)

These songs were from a partial album session that was never finsihed, and one was intended for a split seven inch with Brutal Death that never happened. You can learn more about it HERE. You can read a review and download it HERE.

1. Rolling Joints Of Vengeance
2. Lovechild Miscarriage

1. The New One
                                                                     2. Plan In Crayon (Live)  


Liner Notes
" After the first Acts Of Sedition US tour which took place in the fall of 2004, we had hand fulls of demos and 7" records from so many of the great bands we shared stages with. We have even more from all the touring bands that have played in our basement here in East Oakland. We thought 'what can we do to to help connect this widespread and excellent punk scene? What can we do to further the relationship of bands across America?' Our answer comes in the form of this comp, which includes bands from 13 states and one Canadian province. All of the songs are previously released. The point of this comp is to spread it around so that lots of bands and lots of fans get to hear a lot of bands, and hopefully discover something new in process. Due to the format of the tape, I am not able to include contact info for every single band, so if there is any band you want to get in touch with contact Stop Go Destroy, and I'll tell you the info I have. Also, most of the bands are probably on fucking myspace. Some of the bands will be broken up by the time you get this tape, as is the urgent and rapid nature of punk. If you are in one of the bands on this comp, and we forgot to ask your permission for your song, get in touch, and we will make amends somehow."

Ah, very idealistic. I'm sure that most of the bands on the tape certainly were on Myspace, and that the social networking website was doing much more to 'further the relationships of bands across America' than my stupid little tape. But I like making stupid little tapes, and that's why I'm still doing it. Again, I couldn't resist putting my own band on there.

1. Intro: Disarray In The Aviary
2. S.S.E.: Waking Up (TX)
3. Holy Shit: Substance Abuse Problem (WI)
4. Iron Lung: The Bleeders (WA)
5. Bent Outta Shape: Better Off With Me (NY)
6. Mustaphamond: It's Opposite Day, I Love You (OR)
7. Coldera: Sperm Donor (TX)
8. Bafabegiya: Bent Minds, Broken Hearts (NV)
9. The Great Redneck Hope: Come On Jesus, Let's Fucking Party (CO)
10. Doomsday 1999: Crazy Hideous Retarded
11. Brutal Death: El Salvadorean Death Squad (CA)
12. They Found My Naked Corpse Face Down In The Snow: Meteor (OR)
13. Owen Hart: She Drinks Her Pills And White Russians (WA)
14. Chinese Telephones: I'm Doing Fine (WI)
15. Acts Of Sedition: Language The Destroyer (CA)
16. Northern Liberties: Cromosomatic (PA)
17. Gallows Holier Than The Cross: Muss Es Sein? (TX)

1. Uzi Suicide: Brutal To The Max (CA)
2. The Prowl: Theater 13 (MA)
3. Arabella: Room To Forget (NV)
4. Bleeding Kansas: Retract The Altitude (CA)
5. ADD/C: What's Up Brother: (TN)
6. S.T.R.E.E.T.S.: Five Minute Air Time (BC)
7. Graf Orlock: Your Brother Was An Asshole (CA)
8. Ass End Offend: Fingerprint (MT)
9. Heavy Artillery: Congress Backed Mass Suicide (CA)
10. Burning At Both Ends: Basement Army (NV)
11. Skeleton Closet: Anarchist Elitist (CA)
12. Greyskull: Fuck The Atkins Diet (WA)
13. Disconnect: Doomsday (NV)
14. Paint Out The Lights: Your Smile, Your Hair (CA)

15. Army Of Jesus: Atropine (TX)
16. Lords Of Ligjt: One Less Food For Ivan (OR)
17. Parallax: Criticize Without Constructing (UT)


This tape was rushed out for the Spring 2007 Acts Of Sedtion/Surrender Pacific Northwest Tour, when we realized that the seven inch vinyl wasn't going to arrive from the plant in time (story of my life). We then did the deal the deal where you buy a tape, write down your address, and get the seven inch in the mail. It seemed to work out pretty well, and most folks got what they paid for, eventually.

Also available on compact disc

"Hazzard's Cure play a wizardly hodgepodge of bearded stoner metal, gritty sludge, and blackened thrash with some truly ripping guitars . As the band themselves pointed out, this description "may sound like a trainwreck", but does indeed come across as a cohesive and thoughtfully constructed slab of metal." -The Living Doorway

1. Psilocybin
2. Prayer Of The Hunted
3. Meet Me At The Mountain
4. Tossed And Dethroned

1. Clashing Of Hordes
2. Wolves' Banquet
3. Great Dishonor

Sample Track: Wolves' Banquet

SGD-9 / ROTM-2

The crew here at Stop Go Destroy Tapes is very excited about the upcoming release of the lost classic Ambivalence Dudes: The Silent Planet. Featuring Dan and Scott from Genesis Climber, this is the secret missing link between such 14th Street West Oakland bashers as Kill Elephant and Ass Mountain, and the super futuristic sounds of Genesis Climber that were to come next.

DEMO 2010

It's back. It's got a bold new look. It's on sale. A little something to tide you over until that full length album comes out. I know you've all downloaded it already, but don't you want a copy to cradle in your little hands; to pop into your old school boom box and blast as you sit on a picnic table in the park and scare small children; to file alphabetically in your pristine collection of vintage metal demo tapes? Of course you do.

Sample Track: Prayer Of The Hunted

Post Paid

DEMO 2010
SOLD OUT. Might be a few left HERE.

Sample Track: Bat  Lord

Post Paid

TAPE DISTRO: Updated 1/17/11
Badr Vogu: Demo 2011: 5
Bastard Swine/Knife Hits: Split Tape: 4
Battlemaster: Dragon Mutilating Demos: 5
Big Eyes: Prefer To Be Alone: 4
Bro Dog Party: Bong Love: 3
Cannabis Corpse: Blunted At Birth: 5
Desperate Hours/Ratface: Split: 4
Dios Mio: Hard Tards: 1
Ensorcelor:Urarctica Begins: 4
Face The Rail: s/t Album: 4
Future?: Devalued Lives Demo: 3
Hazzard's Cure: Demo: 4
Hazzard's Cure: s/t Album: 5
Hesitation Wounds: Demo: 4
Horse Spirit Penetrates: 3
Honduran vs. Violence Of Humanity: 4
Hunting Party: Demo: 4
Lazy Dogs: A Reel Quick One: 4
Kicking Spit: Reality Dropou: 3
Matthew Melton: Still Misunderstood: 1
Megaton Leviathan: Repeating Patterns Of Love: 7
Missionary Position: Demo: 3
No Qualms: ...Own?: 3
Obsessor: Obsession: 3
Obsessor: Sick Salvation: 3
Owl: Demo: 4
Ratface: Cursed By The State: 4
Reivers: Demo: 4
Sagan Violence: 3
Sharkee Katz: The Philadelphia Sessions: 2
Shitty Fucker: Diarheailty: 4
Shredface: Frustrated: 3
Swampwolf: Demo: 3
Torture Unit: Demo: 4
V/A: Amputape Portland!: 4

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