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So here I am at the beginning of 2014, doing my annual analysis of shows attended and played. If I can't quantify it, it's not real! The numbers don't lie folks!

As I looked back over the past year, going through my archives and adding up the gigs, I remembered how optimistic, how enthusiastic I felt at the beginning of 2013. "Lucky '13!" was my rallying cry! And for awhile, I felt pretty lucky!  Shit was going good... but something somewhere must have changed, for I sit here at the dawn of 2014 feeling tired, defeated, disgusted, and like I've finally reached that age where I realize that I've been throwing my whole life away for some stupid bullshit that doesn't matter! I guess it's time to retire from rock and roll and become a file clerk!  This could possibly be the last year end recap that you'll have to suffer through. Cheers!

To the best of my ability to keep track...

In 2013 I attended 80 shows as an audience member. Down from 99 in 2012 and 118 in 2011

In 2013 I performed 103 shows with three different bands. Up from 2012 when I performed 80 shows with five different bands and 2011 when I performed 56 shows with five different bands. 

Accounting for a few nights when I played or attended more than one show in one night, that's 177 nights out in 2013, or almost 48.5% of all nights, which beats last year's percentage: 46!

Venue Graveyard 2013:
Pink String: Oakland (???)
Metro Small Room: Oakland
Rio Grande: San Francisco
The Swamp: Oakland
Sugar Mountain: Oakland
And like ten different ones in San Jose that lasted only for one show...


1.2 Disciples Of Christ: Greenhouse, Concord 
1.6 Sad Boys: The Knockout 
1.8 Ovens: Pink String 
1.13 No Statik: The Metro 
1.17 Lecherous Gaze: Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz 
1.18 Black Cobra: Brick And Mortar
2.6 Wild Eyes: Rio Grande
2.9 Pallbearer: Slim's
2.10 Mortuous: Eli's
2.13 Burning Axe: Pink String
2.14 Knelt Rote: Terminal
2.15 Stressors: Swamp
2.16 Graveyard: Slim's
2.17 Noothgrush: Metro
2.28 Fleshies: Sugar Mountain
3.1 Die Hard: Swamp
3.1 Sarcalogos: Pink String
3.15 Catholic Spit: Eli's
3.19 Folkeiis: Knockout
3.22 Wild Mohicans: Eli's
3.23 Raw Nerves: Casa Sandinista
4.4 Necrot: Continental Club
4.9 Condition: Submission
4.13 Lecherous Gaze: Ouija Club
4.14 Replica: 1234 Go!
4.20 Infest: Metro
4.27 Absu: Festum Carnis
5.3 Drunk Dad: Eli's
5.3 Gloam: Buzzard
5.4 Prizehog: Hemlock
5.17 Cannibal Corpse: Metro
5.25 Usnea: Metro
5.26 Bolt Thrower: Metro
5.31 Stoneburner: Ouija Club
6.27 Ramming Speed: Three Links (Dallas)
7.2 Iron Reagan: Phoenix, AZ
7.3 Iron Reagan: The Observatory, (Santa Ana)
7.4 Iron Reagan: San Diego
7.5 Iron Reagan: The Whiskey (Hollywood)
7.6 Iron Reagan: Metro
7.7 Iron Reagan: Eli's
7.9 Eel: Ouija Club
7.12 Drunk Dad: Hemlock
7.15 ACXDC: MNCS WArehouse
7.18 Cannabis Corpse: Eli's
7.19 Larvae: Metro
7.25 Holy Grail: Thee Parkside
7.26 Hymen Holocaust: Casa Sanchez
7.28 Naam: Hemlock
7.29 Bone Sickness: Continental
8.5 Iron Fist: Eli's
8.7 Mammoth Grinder: Submission
8.8 Glitter Wizard: Knockout
8.9 Blood Of Kings: Eli's
8.10 Pins Of Light: AT House
8.10 Abstracter: Ghost Town Barn
8.10 Moses: Merchants
8.11 Wounded Giant: Hemlock
8.12 Wounded Giant: Eli's
8.14 Lord Dying: Parkside
9.16 Valient Thorr: Slim's
9.18 Stargazer: Metro
9.19 Brainoil: Eli's
9.21 Windhand: Stork
9.23 Vomit Assault: Pink String
9.25 Bell Witch: Hemlock
9.27 Acid King: Thee Parkside
10.4 Steel Bearing Hand: Ouija Club
10.6 Ancient Warlocks: Hemlock
10.7 Widower: Hemlock
10.8 Destroyer Of Light: Pink String
10.11 Sabbat: Elbo Room
10.19 Iron Reagan: Metro
10.20 Goblin: Warfield
10.20 GWAR: Regency
10.24 Earthless: Bottom Of The Hill
10.25 Watain: Metro
10.31 Womanowar: Ouija Club
12.7 The Kids: The Pit's (Kortrijk, BEL)
12.28 Neurosis: Regency

1.4 Owl: Eli's
1.11 Hazzard's Cure: Eli's
2.12 Owl: The Knockout
2.22 Hazzard's Cure: Rock-it Room
3.2 Owl: Bender's
3.8 Owl: Winter's Tavern
3.9 Hazzard's Cure:  Metro
3.20 Owl: Stork Club
3.28 Owl: Ventura, CA
3.29 Owl: Phoenix, AZ 
3.30 Owl: San Diego, CA
4.1 Owl: The Pink String
4.5 Owl: The Jury Room, Santa Cruz
4.6 Owl: Thee Parkside
4.12 Hazzard's Cure:  Hemlock Tavern
4.19 Owl: Shirley Temple Of Doom
4.21 Hazzard's Cure:  Ouija Bar
4.22 Owl: Elbo Room
4.26 Hazzard's Cure:  Festum Carnis, Bear River Camp, CA
5.11 Hazzard's Cure:  The Bone Hole, San Jose
5.18 Hazzard's Cure:  Bender's
6.1 Hazzard's Cure:  Eli's
6.6 Owl: Eagle Tavern
6.7 Owl: Cooper's, Nevada City
6.11 ANS: Knockout
6.12 ANS: Portland, OR
6.13 ANS: Olympia, WA
6.15 ANS: Goleta, CA
6.15 ANS: Ventura, CA
6.16 ANS: Los Angeles, CA
6.17 ANS: San Diego, CA
6.18 ANS: Phoenix, AZ
6.19 ANS: Austin, TX
6.20 ANS: Ft. Worth, TX
6.21 ANS: Denton, TX
6.22 ANS:  Dallas, TX
7.12 Hazzard's Cure:  Metro 
8.1 Hazzard's Cure:  Ouija Bar
8.3 Owl: Merchant's Saloon
8.23 Owl: MNCS Warehouse
8.24 Owl: Bender's Bar And Grill
8.25 Owl: The Greenhouse
8.27 Owl: Ventura, CA
8.28 Owl:Los Angeles, CA
8.29 Owl: Tijuana, BC
8.30 Owl: San Diego, CA
8.31 Owl: Tempe, AZ
9.1 Owl: Tucson, AZ
9.3 Owl: San Antonio, TX
9.4 Owl: Austin, TX
9.5 Owl: Dallas, TX
9.6 Owl: Albuquerque, NM
9.7 Owl: Denver, CO
9.8 Owl: Salt Lake City, UT
9.9 Owl: Boise, ID
9.10 Owl: Olympia, WA
9.11 Owl: Bellingham, WA
9.12 Owl: Tacoma, WA
9.13 Owl: Seattle, WA
9.14 Owl: Portland, OR
9.28 Owl: Winter's Tavern
9.29 Owl: The Bone Hole, San Jose
10.5 Hazzard's Cure:  First Church Of The Buzzard
10.10 Hazzard's Cure:  Eagle Tavern
10.13 Owl: Arlene Francis Center, Santa Rosa
10.15 Owl: DNA Lounge
11.2 Owl: El Rio
11.7 Owl: Kassel, Germany
11.8 Owl: Erfurt, Germany
11.9 Owl: Berlin, Germany
11.10 Owl: Warsaw, Poland
11.11 Owl: Leipzig, Germany
11.12 Owl: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
11.13 Owl: Ostrava, Czech Repulic
11.14 Owl: Vienna, Austria
11.15 Owl: Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia
11.16 Owl: Trieste, Italy,
11.17 Owl: Belgrade, Serbia
11.18 Ovvl: Zagreb, Croatia
11.19 Owl: Ljbljiana, Slovenia
11.20 Owl: Scandicci, Italy
11.21 Owl: Rome, Italy
11.22 Owl: Pisa, Italy
11.23 Owl: Basel, Switzerland
11.24 Owl: Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
11.26 Owl: Geneva, Switzerland
11.27 Owl: Barcelona, Spain
11.29 Owl: Porto, Portugal
11.30 Owl: Loule, Portugal
12.1 Owl: Viseu, Portugal
12.3 Owl: Bordeux, France
12.4 Owl: Nantes, France
12.5 Owl: Loriente, France
12.6 Owl: Tours, France
12.8 Owl: Kortijk, Belgium
12.9 Owl: Cologne, Germany
12.10 Owl: Stoke-On-Trent, UK
12.11 Owl: Manchester, UK
12.12 Owl: Leeds, UK
12.13 Owl: Basingstoke, UK
12.14 Owl: Aalst, Belgium
12.15 Owl: Den Hague
12.31 Owl: Hemlock Tavern    

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