Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Moses: 8/29/10

Shouldn't this flyer have been warning enough?

I had planned on getting to this afternoon show a little bit earlier, but I ended up busting my ass for awhile trying to get a flyer done, slaving over hot copy machines in the cold fluorescent shit heap known as Emeryville Kinko’s (whoops I mean FedEx Office, can’t afford any more fuckin’ lawsuits!) so I could pass’em out at the day’s events. I got to the Stork Club, and I had missed Amarok completely. The main reason I went, I wanted to catch their whole set this time. FAIL.

Next up was Moses, and the first thing that struck me was that Paul Kott was not onstage with them, weird. Moses sounded pretty good, in their way of mimicking late 90’s/early 00’s East Bay sludge metal. Maybe it takes the (partial) Fresno perspective to make this work. Maybe it takes a member of El Dopa recently recruited in your band to make this work. The scene at the Stork Club that afternoon was abysmal, almost no one I knew, and just a bunch of old rockers and pirate punks. I couldn’t stand it, and took to the door one or two songs into One In The Chamber.

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