Monday, December 13, 2010

UV Race: 8/28/10

I don't know if a flyer was made for this show, but here is a cute little artwork from UV Race's blog page. Because nobody reads this shit unless there's pictures too.

Wild Thing, UV Race, Total Control, Kicking Spit: Donnie's House AKA Sugar Mountain

Went back down to kick it with Kickin' Spit dudes as they set up for their show that night at Donnie's house. They've gone from headlining an Oakland house show one night to opening an Oakland warehouse show the next night! This industry is a fucking meat grinder! Scotty Karate was out and about and in full promo mode, pushing the fuck out his Tankcrimes released Kicking Spit tapes, striking forth as the new paradigm of advanced conglomerate punkness. Anyway, Kicking Spit went first, they were kinda of last minute addition to this shindig, but they didn't let that get to them, tearing it up like last night. Plus the sound was better, and there were one or two more people bobbing their heads to the Discharge cover. Ace.

Next came two touring Australian bands, Total Control and UV Race. I think both groups have members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, a group that people talk about a lot that I have not managed to hear. Perhaps I should make the effort? Or should I just go listen to Cannibal Corpse "The Bleeding" for the 100,000th time? Total Control started playing, and the warehouse began flooding with garage rock weirdos and even some h_______! I was getting drunker. I remember the first Aussie band as having some good qualities in the vein of Gang Of Four/Mission Of Burma/Wire. Smart people punk. I will not complain; they were tight and had a good drummer. I was getting drunker. The next band I remember less, but I was not really impressed. Their singer was some chubby guy who was dressed weird and they had some funny non-punk instruments in the band (Triangles? Cellos? Vibraphones? Whatever, some shit that should not have left the primary school orchestra room.) Maybe they were just trying to get by on how strange and fucked up they were, hoping that Americans would be impressed by their alien charms (some of the morons in the crowd were, I'm sure), but I just yawned and kept going back to the beer vending machine. Australia is just a piece of shit wanna be California anyway, so why should I care about anything that comes from there? There's plenty of lame art rock to avoid right here in my own town.

Last came Wild Thing. I stopped caring about this band when I got over the novelty of seeing Brace Belden playing bass in a non hardKore band. But lets face it, I continued going to their shows of course for the enjoyment of getting drunk and meeting nineteen year old girls. And while Wild Thing is usually somewhat competent musically, they were BAD tonight, so wasted that they had to stop in the middle of a song. Isn't the point of garage rock that it's easy enough to play even if you're blacked out? Geez.

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