Saturday, April 21, 2012


One of the craziest and packed hardcore shows I've seen at 1234-GO! I wasted a lot of time getting beer, and even missed a whole band I think when I bought an Ice Cube record from the store and took it back to my apartment. Shit. It was great to see No Statik in this room, and the crowd was going crazy, and co-ed whirling frenzy thrashing maelstrom.

After this show, I went with some folks down to a punk house near 41st and Market, where another show was still going on. The house was a fucked, classic punk house, a stark comparison to the clean, drug and alcohol free environment of the record store. Scums settles in it's own environment, not in an aquarium! I did coke bumps with some weirdos in somebody's room, hit on a little blond girl for awhile who seemed WAY too young for me, and eventually went home and cooked 7-11 frozen pizzas with a few other party refugees.

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