Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucifer's Hammer Zine

My flat mate gave me an extra copy of this Canadienne metal zine he had mail ordered, direct from the desolate wastes of the frozen North, and I read through it in the past couple of BART trips. A highly enthusiastic Quebecer, the author makes no secret of his love for metal and partying! I think I can relate. Good interviews with thoughtful questions for bands such as Dismember, Crucified Mortals, Asphyx, Funerot, Desaster and Archgoat. The Archgoat interview is actually pretty hilarious, as the group are hardcore into (at least talking about) SAY-TAN!!!:

Ritual Butcherer Sez: " The events I took part [in] were black masses in the most traditional sense of Devil worship. The mass was orchestrated by High Priest Myrmydon as well as High Priests from the Coven Of Black Sathanas. These masses were only to the members of the Cathedral Of The Black Goat. Our energies were united in one black aura glorifying Him and His presence was literally felt by all devotees.

Ha! People who are obsessed with Satan are just as ridiculous to me as those who are obsessed with Jesus! Archgoat is probably going to come and kill me now. Anyway, our Canuck buddy over here goes on to review some shows that are happening around his home in Quebec, such as Dismember, Maniac, At The Gates, and Piledriver.

So Canadian!

Check out what happens to him at the Maniac show in Montreal:

I barely remember the end of the night. At one point, some fucked up punk girl wearing an Iron Maiden shirt wanted to fight me but I was so drunk I didn't understand what was going on at all. She ended up being a homeless schizophrenic who basically wanted to fight everyone she came in contact with in order to get attention. Following that "incident," Satannick (Morbid Tales zine) gave me a free beer ticket to cheer me up, but I lost it a few minutes later!

Holy Shit! It sounds exactly like one of my show reviews! Blood Feast Records and Canadian Assault Zine are also profiled, and metal record reviews are also sprinkled liberally throughout. The layout is punk/DIY in style, but clean enough to be very readable. Nicely designed and put together. Good work. Contact:

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