Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Agrimonia: 8/7/10

Dear Mom and Dad,

I think you will be pleased to hear that the other night, an epic crust band from Sweden (yes that's right all the way from fucking Sweden) was playing a basement show less than mile from my house. Ha ha, no I didn't hit the liquor store and grab a frosty 40 ounce of Ol' E, or King Cobra to get my drank on, not even a bag of Fritos to "soak some of it up." I didn't run out the door and make it to the show at the beginning so I'd have plenty of time to catch up with my friends and see all of the bands.

Oh no.

You see, I was pretty busy preparing a homemade pizza with not only sliced (by hand!) black olives, but sliced (also by hand!) green jalapeno stuffed olives! As well as fresh tomatoes, freshly chopped raw garlic, and and a savory four cheese blend. Mmmmm... Into the oven!

I could have chowed down on a slice or two, straight outta the oven and piping hot, then hit the streets and still caught most of the bands on the show, but you see, there was a nice bottle of Shiraz which needed drinking (and finishing) and some things just take a little extra time to enjoy! Ah, life.

I could have dashed out the door, moments after the last drop of red juice splashed past my lips, hauled ass down the road and seen the full Agrimonia set. The night was yet young, and at this point I was delightfully flush in the cheeks and ready for a fine social experience!

But oh, no.

You see, there was a re-run of Seinfeld still on, about ten minutes left, and oh shit, it's the one where George has to buy that painting from Jerry's girlfriend for some reason? And then she paints a portrait of Kramer and it sells to a rich art collector? Oh god, it's so awk-weird and hilarious! You remember that one right? Wheewww... LOL!
Well, OK, so about this time I decided I should drag my ass out the door to the awesome punk show. And I got there just in time to completely miss Agrimonia.

And listen from the back yard like an asshole as Abrupt closed out the night.

So Mom and Dad, like I was saying, I have now officially failed at punk, and I will have to find something better to do with my life. Hope you're happy,



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