Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Show Review: Mauser: 12/10/11

As far as I can remember, which I won't say is much, this was pretty much the perfect Oakland punk house show. All the bands were good(whatever that means), played short sets, there was a decent amount of moshing, and lots of friends were around to hang out and catch up with. And I was pretty wasted, or course.

I was really trying to catch Migraine, and I got there in time, but I ended having a twenty minute conversation with somebody out front, so I didn't get to watch. I heard them from through the cellar door, though. That's the opening band sound filter. Through the door while you're hanging outside. But Migraine is seriously awesome.

Next up was Merdoso, now featuring my old temporary band mate Brian (from Stormcrow) on vocals. They played about three songs, and it seems like maybe Brian hadn't written enough words for all of the songs yet. Or he's lazy and likes to take long pauses in between lyrical phrases.

After this I went over to Blue Bird liquors and and some girl told about how a dude broke into their house by climbing through the bathroom window! A small ass bathroom window! Damn. I'm gonna nail my windows shut.

Got back with plenty of time to catch Cardboard Funeral, a band I'd been wanting to see for a while, since it's most members of California Love, supposedly doing a Hellhammer worshiping project. Their style was indeed not far off from the aforementioned Swiss demon rippers, rudimentary but incessant drum fills galore too.

I had seen Mauser once before, in rather stranger conditions. Genesis Climber actually played with them in Richmond, VA! Remember that? I told Mauser that I didn't know any kind of bands came from Gainesville except train hopping folk pop "punk" losers who go on tour by hopping trains and have dogs with them that have bandannas tied around their necks. They assured me that they were, indeed, from Gainesville. But I still don't believe it. Raw noisy d-beat punk attitude, and some flavorful guitar leads too, setting them apart from and perhaps one step above the rest of this filth charged wolf pack.

The Swamp is a great punk house semi-basement, with a small front yard for some quick hanging out front, and a much bigger back yard for extended kickin' it (by the fire on cold nights). I think I had more fun just being at this show than I did watching the bands, and sometimes that's OK. Fuck it.

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