Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Genesis Climber Tour Recap

Ah, another epic (is there any other kind?) Genesis Climber tour has come to an end. So let me share with you my thoughts, hopes... dreams?

This is how the tour actually turned out. Quite a bit different than we anticipated.

Above: An early draft of what we were trying to do. Booking sure is easy!

Above: The T-shirt count and merch price list. Maturity has been reached.

Wednesady, June 9: Thrillhouse Records, San Francisco, CA w/ Street Justice

Thursday, June 10: The Womansion, Oakland, CA: w/ Shitty Fucker, Farticus

Friday, June 11: The Artisory, Portland, OR: w/ Exit Collapse, Stag Bitten, Fist Fite

Saturday, June 12: The Red House, Olympia, WA: w. Sharkpact, Meconium, Doom Eyes

Sunday, June 13: The Green House, Seattle, WA: w/ Sugar Skulls, Same Sex Dictator, Throne Of Bone

Monday, June 14: Day Off. Van fixing, then driving to SLC

Tuesday, June 15: The Studio, Salt Lake City, UT: w/ Sin Orden, Digne Y Rebelde

Wednesday, June 16: Blast-O-Mat, Denver, CO: w/ Expiation, Jungle Juice, Sin Orden

Thursday, June 17: The Studded Bird, Kansas City, MO: w/ No Class, Dark Ages, Sin Orden

Friday, June 18: Day off in Iowa City

Saturday, June 19: Medusa, Minneapolis, MN: w/ Myrhh, lots of other weirdos...

Sunday, June 20: Pen 15 Club, Duluth, MN: w/ Children Of Euler, Voyages, Black Rites
Above: This note was left for me at Mike Wilson's house in Duluth

Monday, June 21: Memory Lanes, Minneapolis, MN: w/ Cadet, Moonstone Continuum, Children of Euler

Tuesday, June 22: Lothlorien Co-op, Madison, WI: w/ Defiance OH, Deep Shit, Toby Foster, Technicolor Teeth

Wednesday, June 23: The Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI: w/ Jeff The Brotherhood, Natural Child, Dear Astronaut, Quest For Fire

Thursday, June 24: Lost Cross, Carbondale, IL: w/ Black on Brown

Friday, June 25: Skate Park, Bloomington, IN: w/ Butt Piss
Saturday, June 26: Freedom Farm, Clinton, MI: w/ "Rob" on acoustic guitar

Sunday, June 27: Day off hangin' on the farm

Monday, June 28: Soggy Dog House, Lakewood, OH: w/ I Am The Sky, Slugging Percentage

Tuesday, June 29: The Mousetrap, Pittsburgh, PA: w/ Free Clinic, Manic Ritual

Wednesday, June 30: Day off, drivin' down the road...

Thursday, July 1: L'esco, Montreal, QE: w/ Desert Owl
Friday, July 2: 242 Main Street, Burlington, VT: w/ Horse Spirit Penetrates, Rough Francis
Saturday, July 3: The Democracy Center, Cambridge, MA: w/ Horse Spirit, Ski Mask, Rotten Apples

Sunday, July 4: Media Mansion, Northampton, MA: w/ Greyskull, Horse Spirit, Sharkee Katz

Monday, July 5: John Doe Jr. Records, Greenfield, MA: w/ Deliverance, Horse Spirit, Sharkee Katz (Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore were at this show, but left before we played. Sucks for them!)

Tuesday, July 6: Apohadion Theater, Portland, ME: w/ Horse Spirit, Asian Mae, Shonny Babby Cry Cry

Wednesday, July 7: Bitches 'n' Beaches in Maine. Klonopin party in a 120 degree apartment in Providence that night

Thursday, July 8: Port D'or, Brooklyn, NY: w/ John Steeltoe Ensemble, Horse Spirit

Friday, July 9: Distant Castle, Worcester, MA: w/ Red Friends, Horse Spirit, The Terribles

Saturday, July 10: Tommy's Tavern, Brooklyn, NY: w/ Raw Nerves, Olde Ghost, Mortals

Sunday, July 11: Fuck Mountain, New Brunswick, NJ: w/ Black Birds, Prosthetics, Flesh Temple

Monday, July 12: Day off spent in Philly hanging at the warehouse...

Tuesday, July 13: Day off. Drove from Philly to RVA. Went to see Voetsek at Strange Matter.

Wednesday, July 14: Frank's House, Richmond, VA: w/ Sports Bar, Knifey Spoony, Raw Nerves, Mauser.

Genesis Climber and therefore Boca de Fuma crossed paths with another of the internet's greatest blogs, Two Holes Are Better Than One, in which Frank Bucalo shotguns a different kind of beer each day and posts a video of it. On the night of July 14th, 2010 you can see Frank and members of Genesis Climber and Knifey Spoony shotgunning whatever they could get their hands on. Cool!

Thursday, July 15: The Boiler room, Asheville, NC: w. Boy Lion, Proletariat

Friday, July 16: The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN: w/ Networks

Saturday, July 17: Anarchtica, Chattanooga, TN: w/ Pigs,

Sunday, July 18: The Fire House, Birmingham, AL: w/ Raw Nerves, Korova

Monday, July 19: 1117 East Freeway, Houston, TX: w/ Baygon Vert, PLF

Tuesday, July 20: The Majestic Dwelling Of Doom, Denton, TX: w/ Red Faced Laughter, Geistheistler, Xril Arms

Wednesday, July 21: Lamar Street House, San Antonio, TX: w/ Sweaty Cleopatra, Gloam

Thursday, July 22: The Broken Neck, Austin, TX: w/ Raw Nerves, Chest Pain

Friday, July 23: Cole St. House, Austin, TX: w/ The Young, Cruddy, Dikes Of Holland

Saturday, July 24: The Trainyard, Las Cruces, NM: w/ Fungi Girls, Far Corners

Sunday, July 25: Day off "hanging" in Phoenix

Monday, July 26: The Underground, Nile Theater Basement, Mesa, AZ: w/ Ceremony, etc.

Tuesday, July 27: The Pink Mailbox, Isla Vista, CA: w/ Raw Nerves, El Mariachi, Break

Thursday, July 29: Kimo's, San Francisco, CA: w/ Sister Fucker, Prizehog

Saturday, July 31: Victory Warehouse, Oakland, CA: w/ Sorrower, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Flood, Pins of Light

Check the crappy camera phone pictures I took on the road HERE. Link

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