Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January 2011

I saw 44 bands at 13 shows at 11 venues.

January 1: High On Fire, Archons, Sean Smith: The New Parish, Oakland, CA

January 2: Badr Vogu, Mindless, Reivers, Hesitation Wounds: Hazmat, Oakland, CA

January 6: Cervix, Acephalix, Neurotoxicty: Hazmat, Oakland, CA

January 7: Owl plays Victory Warehouse w/ Lecherous Gaze, Pigs, Hightower, Thea

January 8: Walken, Cuthroats 9, Moses: El Rio, SF

January 10: Babies, Tenement, Huff Stuff Magazine: Ghost Town, Oakland

January 14: Lazy Dogs, Power, Desperate Hours, Bellicose Minds, Ratface: Swamp

January 16: Neurosis, Saviours, US Christmas: GAMH

Janaury 20: Iron Lung, Acephalix, No Statik, Merdoso: Sub-Mission

January 21: Drunken Hardcore, Voetsek, Plutocracy, Brutal Truth: Gilman

January 26: Arctic Flowers, Surrender, Alaric, Verraterisch, Neon Piss: Hazmat

January 28: Merdoso, Mundo Muerto, Desperate Hours, Ratface, Dopecharge
HERE: My review of this show for the MRR website

January 29: Ratface, Desperate Hours, Mundo Muerto, Ripper, Lecherous Gaze: Born Dead Bar

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