Monday, February 28, 2011

Show Review: Dark Black: 12/5/10

AKA: With Fear I Kiss The Burning Stenchcore

And with mild feelings of regret I missed the opening band, D.H.C. (Demonic Harlot Children), because they would have lightened my mood, been a final breath of fresh air before descending into the brimstoney dimensions of eternal stench.

Infernal Graves were some mildly interesting crust(core from the depths of hell). I watched a few songs maybe, then went into the back room to hang out.

If the bands were going in the order of the flier, then the next band was Bruxers. They looked kid of dumb, so I took off and went to Merchants cause I was bored and out of beer. Jimmy Jazz was there, and let me ask you WHY is that guy is ALWAYS at the bar whenever I decide to randumbly go drinking somewhere by myself? Uncanny.

I was hoping that when I got back, Dark Black would be about to play, but there was some (true infernal stench)crust being provided by Battleshok, it seems.

My main objective of the night was to see a full set by Dark Black, because I had missed most of their set the night before. I had also gotten them on this show, and wanted to be a lone voice of support in case they were panned by the moldy denim vest and rat infested dread crowd, living in protest of all things melodic and non stenchy. It turned out that Dark Black were really sporting lads, and agreed to play a short set on this over booked and running late Sunday night show. It also turned out that the crusty crowd loved them. They didn't throw their rotten dumpstered vegetables or or unleash their snarling trainyard hounds.

Dark Black got kind of mad at me because I bought their old CD instead of their new one, which is what their whole set list was from, but the old shit is way better, let's face it. I was really tired, so I bailed before Dodsfalla played. Sorry Jaraldo.

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