Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stymie: 9/9/10

Don't be misled by this flier, or course. The show ended up happening at Yellow Room and had a lot of different bands on it, as you will see when you read the review.

Ah, and then all of the sudden another one of my band mates from A.N.S. was in town, this time it was Bill The Bear and his melodic punk outfit Stymie.

When I got to the Yellow room, Street Justice was playing. Do they have a too many cooks in the kitchen thing going on, or is it just that they always cook in really small kitchens?

Homewreckers is artist Christie C. Road’s band, apparently. The rockabilly-esque nymphette fronts a dirty looking crew of tom boys and trainhopping weirdos. They were just so cute that I want to take a sterilizing antiseptic pad to their filthy skin, but I couldn’t stop being distracted by how much they didn’t know about playing musical instruments.

Stymie, hailing from the bucolic college town of Denton, Texas was in the midst of a grueling U.S. and Canadian tour, and it showed. Money and cleanliness were in short supply, but spirits were good, and band musical tightness seemed to be at it’s peak. As far as I could tell, Stymie plays a style of pop punk has to be performed well for me to enjoy it. I don’t know how good the songs actually are, because I haven’t actually been able to find any of my Stymie records beneath the giant piles of junk in my room, but live they came across as a cheerful juggernaut, with a hard hitting drummer as the anchor. Chris Reeves, the drummer used to be a metal head in an Anthrax shirt, but Stymie found him in a 7-11 parking lot and made him cut his hair and play catchy punk, but with metaly intense drum bashing. True story. It was swell to see these dudes, but a bummer that they were only staying in town for one day. We all went to a really fun party after the show. I got wasted. Thus ends another "show review" in which I say a bunch of cool shit about my friends bands, and use the other bands on the show as fodder for a bunch of really bad jokes and juvenile insults. Good night!

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