Monday, December 20, 2010

Deviated Instinct: 9/11/10

The pillow is hard. My eyes crack open, it’s dark in here. I’m in the van, fuck, the pillow was a pile of trash and tape cases in the back. I'm drunk. I’ve got a beer in my hand, there’s still some left. Drink… Good thing I didn’t spill it on myself. Passed out.. for how long? Waves of kids walking past the van windows, on their way into the club. Partying in the dark side streets.

////////FLASH ZONE\\\\\\\\

I heard the unmistakable low frequencies of Brainoil from down the road. I lept to my feet and got out there into the night, and into the building. Now everything was fine. Everything made sense. Headbanging to all the familiar riffs, mid-tempo sludge moshing Brainoilers. This is a familiar old feeling. One of the best. Apex of sludge.

I’m by no means a crust expert or connoisseur, but I was obviously going to stick around for Deviated Instinct. An old reunion band is always a good show or a good train wreck to witness, so why not? They’re from England, they are aged, and they even did a split with Swedish death metalers Grave back in the day. For a nostalgia act, I thought Deviated Instinct sounded pretty tight, they were energetic and having fun. The drummer was really the best of all of ‘em, pounding out the beats and not giving a fuck. Turned out a good night. Left wondering why is it that all Englishmen end up looking like some sort of stereotypical old Englishmen when they start getting older. Ponder that one one lad. Deep.

Still looking for the flier for this show. Know I have it somewheres...

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  1. ha ha, this made me giggle.
    Glad you enjoyed the show anyway, so did we.

    Pondering exactly what a 'stereotypical old Englishman' looks like though.


    Mid (one of the aforementioned aged English fellows)