Monday, December 27, 2010

Municipal Waste: 10/9/10

Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze: Day Two

A.N.S. played day one of the fantastic Tancrimes Brainsqueeze, and I expected day two to be an enjoyable continuation of the weekend. This was not to be the case however. I caught a few of the earlier bands on the show, don't remember exactly which ones, but missed Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Vitamin X because I was dealing with the (and still am to this very day) fallout of an equipment theft that occurred right outside the venue.

Long story short, my cymbals and some guitar amplification that I was borrowing from Acts Of Sedition, for A.N.S. to use, was stolen by means of someone breaking a window in a van that I was borrowing from Genesis Climber. Ouch. World of shit. It was parked right around the corner from the venue, and I was only gone for fifteen minutes, but let that be a lesson to me, a lesson that I have sadly learned REPEATEDLY in the past, and apparently forgotten:


Therefore, since I cannot really give any kind of reee-vue to this barn dance, allow me to take this opportunity to invite everyone to the upcoming benefit shows for the stolen equipment which will be happening in January and February 2011. Stay tuned.

Due to popular demand, there is now a Paypal button to donate money to this cause, for those who cannot make it to any of the shows or anything. It shall be located HERE.

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