Sunday, December 26, 2010

Einsty: 10/6/10

Einsty, Wah Wah Exit Wound, Atomic Bomb Audition: Yor Hauz: October 6, 2010

(Full dick-closure: I set up this show for the touring Wah Wahs, as I am a prog sympathizer, and I'm sorry if this is a lame review, but I literally just finished writing the Sleep review, and I am almost out of words.)

Atomic Bomb Audition: Post Rock!

Wah Wah Exit Wound: Gawd, what a dumb name, but these gentlemens play play prog rock in the true sense that there seems to be no sense... bizarre but deftly executed passages going off in odd directions for no apparent reason, and then you think it's coming back, but it's just making yet another left turn out of sight. Oh, and damn, that octopednal drummer!

Einsty: Those bros from the Victory Warehouse. Funkier and heavier than a one ton block of Wisconsin limburger.

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