Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Corrosion of Conformity: 8/10/10

Went directly down to the DNA lounge after band practice, bought a ticket at the door (betting that the show wouldn't be sold out, skillfully avoiding the "convenience" charges) and got inside in time to see Eagle Twin had already begun. At first I didn't know who it was and didn't know if it was someone I was supposed to like. I soon stopped caring. Leo pretty much summed it up when he said "I'm so sick of two pieces." Seriously, get a bass player. Or a guitar player. Or whatever you need! Learn to play well with others, you two piece wankers! And not just Eagle Twin, but all you!* It may be hard at first, you'll have to "be in tune" with the bass player (or guitar player) and people will notice when you fuck up, so you'll actually have to practice and be "tight!" Good luck.

This show was my first time seeing Goatsnake live. I had heard a few random recordings here and there, and this band is distinctive on tape, as they are live, due to the monumental and soulful vocals of Pete Stahl! The dude from Scream and Wool! He is their not so secret weapon which raises Goatsnake above the rest of the crop of loud-ass droney doom bands. The lumbering pace of the music got a little weary after a while, and it WAS a while (fuck, how long did they play?), and I inevitably wandered around to drink overpriced beers.

I didn't know what to expect from C.O.C. at this point in their career... I was hoping for something pretty awesome, willing to settle for something slightly mediocre, and dreading a train wreck. They were definitely better than mediocre, about as good as I could expect, really, for some old punks revisiting material they wrote 25 years ago. They played tightly with few noticeable mistakes (except maybe in vocals?) and the sound was heavy and fast. Mike Dean stared down the crowd and thrashed about like some withered and recently unleashed Malachai.
Overall, a fairly satisfying night. I got to pass out some flyers, I got really drunk, and I didn't too much miss the twenty five bucks I spent on the ticket. Fuck it.

* Except Black Cobra and The Body, and maybe a few others

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