Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disgust Of Us: 8/13/10

Got out of work on Friday afternoon and went over to Leo's apartment in the Mission to smoke mad weed and watch TV. This is his world, and occasionally I delve into the rare and strange enjoyment known as "couch lock."

Eventually I peeled myself off the sofa and away from Metalocalypse and hit the salty streets. Stoned to the bone, I walked up to the very top of Noe Valley, my baked cranium thoroughly entertained the whole way by towering Victorian architecture and the occasional sweeping bay view.
I hit up Hannah's party but just as I figured, I was the first and only one there, and after two PBRs and some chipsndip, had to leave to make it back down to the show before any one of my friends showed up.

Back down the hill into the Mission, sippin on a bottle of Jim Beam, gettin wastey and ready to hang out. I met up with my GF at Sub Mission just in time to see her co-worker's band, Disgust Of Us the reason of my hanging out. The band seemed pretty loud and good, I recall some abrasive Sonic Youth-esque female vocals. The Jim Beam was kickin, and I kept drinking more beers at the bar, so by the time we hit the streets afterwards, I was staggering, swerving and curving. We cleverly caught the last BART train back to Oakland, sat down to enjoy the ride and...

WOKE UP IN PITTSBURGH BAY POINT!!! (Still wasted, a little angry...)

ME (To everyone on the train): "What the fuck is this shit? What do you mean I'm in Bay Point?"

ME (To BART Cops/employees): "Fuck this shit, I'm not putting more money on my ticket! I'm not paying more money to get out here! I didn't even mean to come to this station!"

Random guy (leaving the station): "Stop yelling."

ME (to random guy): "Fuck you faggot, I'll do whatever I want!"

ME (to cab driver): "What the fuck do you mean it's eighty dollars to get back to Oakland? It's a scam! Fuck this shit! I might as well walk!.............. Can I put my bike in the trunk?"

ME (to waiter at Pleasant Hill Denny's): "I'll have the Buffalo Chicken Wrap."
ME (to Girlfriend): "Fuck this shit! I can't believe this happened! I'm walking back!"

GIRLFRIEND (to me): "Go 'head and try!"


Denny's waiter: "OK, I let you guys sleep for two hours, it's time to go."

ME (to Girlfriend, on the walk from Pleasant Hill Denny's to Concord BART): *dead silence*


So anyway, now you see why going out to "concerts" in big city San Francisco is one of my favorite hobbies!

More show reviews coming soon! Sorry I've been busy with shit, including the first PAPER issue of Boca de Fuma (coming soon!)

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