Monday, June 19, 2017


Kind words from a bass player-

"It’s been a tough year. Rome is burning, and it feels like we’re on the brink of destruction. But as society collapses around you, there’s still a little time to drain your rich neighbor’s pool and carve the shit out of it for one final session.

And who better to prepare you for your first post-apocalyptic stalefish than the troubadours of Texas skate rock: ANS. Playing for the first time in what feels like a millennia, ANS has reemerged when the world needs them most, coming full force with the genre bending, riff-heavy cross over you know and love. For nearly, 15 years, ANS has waved the thrash flag proudly, and for one night only, they’re planting that flag back in their home state of Texas.

So grab your board, hit the circle pit, and destroy your local goon because ANS is back and they’re ready to make America skate again." - T.B. Player

ANS-Ya boys from around the way are getting back at it for a rock gig in the place that spawned it all, North Texas. Dallas proper is the town. Club Dada is the spot.

One time Billy showed up to tour with a giant bag of candy that contained a pb&j sandwich in the middle of it. True story-that sandwich was never seen again.

Dust off your board and play this shit loud!

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