Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The tour poster was actually the last thing to be finished. The skull, the best part of the whole thing, was actually an afterthought, that's why it's not included anywhere in the artwork for the record.

The front cover of the record. I photocopied my own hand to have something to sketch from. The strong lights and darks from the copy machine remained in style of the final image.  The boxcutter knife had always been a symbol of Acts Of Sedition since our first release. I wanted to pick something that would represent Raw Nerves on the record cover, so that ended up being the "nerves" (spaghetti?) coming out of the slashed wrist.

The back cover. Playful use of putting the song titles inside the band names. Letters were tediously resized again and again to make a fit and pleasing composition.

Front and back cover as they appear when you fold out the record insert.

Inside cover with the lyrics and info. Everything at a ninety degree angle from something else. Lots of upside stuff so you have to continually turn the object around in your hands to read everything.

The ad that appeared in Maximum Rocknroll and Razorcake. This was the first thing to be completed, hence the unfinished prototype for the seven inch cover.

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