Monday, March 7, 2011

Show Review: Badr Vogu: 12/11/10

I don't think a flier was made for this show (?), so here's a picture of
me (on the left) being retarded at a different Badr Vogu gig. Photo by
Stacy Young.

I don't remember too much about this one at all, and I can't even
find a flier or an internet listing about the full lineup of this show.

It was the first show at the old Born/Dead back yard shack in a long
time, so I was stoked.

I missed the opening band, Funeral Stain, whom I had never heard of,
but they have a cool name!

Then some other bands played.

I got really, really drunk.

Abrupt played.

Badr Vogu played.

Fuckin sweet.

Quite a "review," huh?

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