Thursday, January 20, 2011

Show Review: Fracas: 11/20/10

As far as I can glean from my field notes, this was only show I attended in in the entire month of November!* I played a bunch of local shows, and went on a short tour to the North West, but this seems to be the only one I went to just to see some other bands play. There had been plenty of other November shows which I’d had very specific plans to attend, but laziness, drunkeness, stupidity and temporary insanity constantly intervened. Folks, I am slippin'!

Anyway, was in the city already, after a liquid breakfast at Merchant’s Saloon, drinking on the ferry boat to San Francisco, drinking in public, and drinking at Bender’s, and the old lady and I made it to the Knockout to catch DSM-5, from Valencia Spain. It was raining like fuck outside, and nice to be out of the rain and inside the cozy steamy Knockout drinking more beer. I think the band was pretty good. I was wasted. Then Fracas came on, always entertaining. I was wasted. I had every intention of going to the other DSM-5 show back in Oakland that night, where they were playing The Swamp with Sista Sekunden, but I got really stoned and more drunk, and went home. Slippin slippin.

*I wrote this before I remembered that I went to the Mean Jeans show on November third. Still, only two shows in one month!!??

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