Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Human Eye: 10/23/10

Why am I in Cleveland all of the sudden? Who cares!? All up in the monumental and notorious sleaze palace known as Now That's Class! (Why they even serve Mad Dog 20/20 at the bar, even). Though was stomach was heartily fortified by delicious Falafel from the West Side Market, and more recently a (legendary) cold slice from Presti's, the multiple drinks began to take effect, and I was blending in well with the crowd, swiftly metamorphosing into a wasted asshole, casually brushes off the advances of a drunk slut so I could focus on my pinball machine victories.

I missed the first two bands, but I went into the venue room to catch Beast In The Field, and band that clearly cherished loudness (the thing, not the band) above all other characteristics. This isn't necessarily a bad point, and as I recall they had some pretty sweet riffs. Then the Human Eye from Detroit came on. They were some wild eyed shaggy motherfuckers, rockin some hard Psyche, sorta like the old (good) Comets On Fire. They even had a keyboard player/organist/sound effects and noise dude, if that's any indication of where their neo acid bashings were leaning.

I got really drunk, lost track of how many beers, don't think I had any Mad Dog, but suddenly I came out of a short blackout to find myself held back from fighting a guy and calling him a faggot! Now that's class! And I've got it. I think I could fit in quite well here.

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