Friday, December 24, 2010

Free Radicalz: 9/14/10

I found out about the Free Radicalz from my old housemate Ember back at Pine Street. She was friends with them from back in Portland. They ended up coming down to play at Pine Street House in Summer of 2009, which was the only show I got to book at Pine Street while I lived there, and actually one of the best house shows ever, but that’s that’s another story. Anyway, the Free Radz came back down, and I booked them a show in Oakland. Acts of Sedition played, so I didn’t review it. You think I’m hard on other people’s bands? I can’t stand my own. But that Oakland show was the first time I got to actually watch them play, not just listen from outside. Anyway, they’re great. Even if they weren’t adorable punk co-eds, the music stands up all on it’s own. Let me lazily refer you to Terminal Escape so you can get the demo.

So anyway, I went to lend my support, such that it is, to the band for their SF show, Sub Mission Gallery. Fugitive Kind, Thrillhouse Punx, still reaching for the top. Face The Rail getting more of their Aggression out than ever, and by the way I was drunk. And stoned.

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