Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Show Review: Scorpions: 8/1/10

My head explodes, my ears ring

I can't remember just where I've been

The last thing that I recall

I got lost in a deep black hole
Don't want to find out
Just want to cut out
I really had a blackout


Some songs by your rock and roll heroes of the ages are better left appreciated and not lived as reality. Sometimes worlds collide, and rock fiction becomes your own life. Klaus Meine shouted "Black Out!" and I listened.

I didn't really think I had drunk THAT much vodka. I didn't smoke that much weed. I don't remember and I don't THINK I got into any whiskey, coke, PCP. ice, boom, or pow... Maybe because I'd had no solid food that day. Maybe because I was recovering from a cold and on some expired medication... Who knows?

Whatever it was, it was enough. Enough to BLACK OUT, kick a bunch of fliers out of my girlfriend's hand, yell at and break up with her in front of a bunch of people, eat three containers of garlic fries out of the trash, climb a tree and shout "I'm a monkey!," get into an altercation with an undercover cop and almost get arrested*, call a cab driver (that honked at me cause I was walking down the middle of the road) a "fucking faggot," attempt to walk to Concord BART from the pavilion (and fail, obviously), and have to call someone to come and pick me up at 1am as I was slowly emerging from the drunken stupor. BLACK OUT!

*Later research proved that he was in fact NOT an undercover cop, but an OFF DUTY cop OUT OF HIS JURISDICTION. Not only was this loser a fucking pig, but a liar too.

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