Thursday, June 10, 2010

Show Review: Huff Stuff Magazine: 6/5/2010

After an exhaustive day of Genesis Climber rehearsals I went up to the "New Apgar" compound up at 24th and Linden to catch Huff Stuff Magazine. Pop punk dudes from Drunken Boat, Jean Claude Jam Band (and many others) doing what they do best.

Then I went to Donnie's house to see the bands from Seattle I had been partying with the night before. The Bill Collectors were good old rockin' fun punk stuff. They told me later that they were nervous and played everything too fast. I though they were pretty slow. Then the Chemicals played. Weird NW garage rock style with gimmicks (scientist jacket costumes, a song about peppermint schnapps where the singer goes around pouring said drink down people's eager throats). Ahhh... how they create fantasy fun worlds in the gloomy boring Portland.

Right after this I went to the Stork Club to see if I could catch Australian X. Dan Rincon was outside and he said they were just about to go on, but don't waste ten bucks cause Australian X is terrible and the good band (A-Frames) already played. Cheers to free advice.

So then I went down to the Haz Mat to see if I could catch Filth a second night in a row. I had been intentionally avoiding this show because I though it was going to be a disaster and things were going to catch on fire and people were going to die. And while that is punk as fuck I did not really feel like spending the last night of my life beneath pile of burning crusties in a collapsing warehouse. When I got there, the show had just ended and a parade of scumfuks was dutifully evacuating out into the street. Kenny Weiss was outside, working security and he said everything had gone smoothly, after all they had let "only" 300 people into the venue (you've seen the size of that place!)

After that I went home, played on the internet, ate jalapeno hot fries and passed out in bed.

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