Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show Review: Black Cobra / Slough Feg: 6/1/2010

I was at band practice, and in between jammings we discussed the show that was going on that night at the Thee Parkside. Shane said "it would be ridiculous if somebody did twitter posts about all of Mike Scalzi's costume changes during the show."

I was the only one of us who ended up going, but I'm no twittering twat, so I used the concept in text message format to inform my band members what Mike had brought out of the closet that night.

10:27 PM
"Scalzi is wearing a hood"

11:01 PM
"He changed into a black button down with ten jewels glued to the front"

11:18 PM
"Then he put on the paisley vest then the fedora then the black leather vest"

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